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Clean and Deodorize Refrigerator, EraClean Refrigerator Deodorizer From Best&First

When the refrigerator has been used for a long time, it may produce numerous of bacteria. The food put in will be polluted by microbes, and can be threatened to owner’s health, if it is not cleaned regularly. Moreover, some refrigerators will be covered with an indescribable odor after being used for a long period. How can we simply remove bad odors from the refrigerator and how can we ensure the refrigerator fresh and clean?
How to deodorize refrigerator(
How to deep clean and disinfect the refrigerator?
Turn off the power supply. This is a troublesome method, but it is often useful. First, pull out the power supply of the refrigerator, and then take out all the things in the refrigerator. At this time, it’s time to count the food, and the expired food can be thrown away directly. After emptying things, take a fan to blow on the ice. Waiting more than ten minutes, the ice will fall off. Just clean it.
I guess refrigerator is the most commonly used at home, so it is recommended to clean your fridge and freezer once a week, by following the steps: cleaning, sterilization, disinfection. To cooperate with the special refrigerator cleaning solution (warm soapy water or mixture of white vinegar and water put in a spray bottle), spray the drip trough and partition board inside the refrigerator. After the spray is finished, the refrigerator door should be closed for 5-10 minutes, so that disinfectants can be sterilized completely, and then wipe with paper towel.

  1. After cleaning the layer of the refrigerator and unplugging the power supply, take out the fruit and vegetable boxes, clapboards, etc. Then wipe the accessories with a rag dipped in water mixed with dish soap. Before returning, dry them with a microfiber cloth, or put them in a ventilated and dry place to let them dry naturally.
  2. The cleaning method of the drawer is the same as above. The ventilation grille needs to be cleaned with a soft brush, and then wiped with a dry soft cloth or towel. Also pay attention to refrigerator’s running. The refrigerator runs for about 1 hour after power on. Check whether the temperature in the refrigerator drops, and then put the food back into the refrigerator.
  3. Clean the outside of the refrigerator. Wiping clean the shell and door of the refrigerator, and handle with a slightly damp and soft cloth. If there are some oil stains, you can dip in detergent with hot water to scrub, and the effect is even better. In the end, the refrigerator cleaning is completed.Refrigerator Deodorizer(where to find Refrigerator Deodorizer)

How to keep clean and deodorize the refrigerator?
Refrigerators are designed for proper food temperatures in mind. By managing foods properly, you hope to keep their freshness as long as possible, which also helps to prevent fridge smells at least. Use the door for condiments, juice, butter, eggs, oils and soda. The meat bin tend to place deli meats, bacon and cheese. Crisper drawers are for produce and usually allow you to set the humidity level according to the fruits and vegetables on hand. The lower shelf is great for fish, raw meat and poultry. The upper shelf is suitable for leftovers; place them in front within easy reach. Use or discard leftovers before they begin to spoil.
Spills are unavoidable in a refrigerator. Taking the time to clean up any mishaps as soon as they happen is an important step in preventing bad smells which could require a deeper cleaning later on.

After you’ve cleaned out the fridge and disinfected thoroughly, it’s time to make a super-easy Fridge Deodorizer(Fridge Deodorizer content) to absorb odors in the future.
The only ingredients you’ll need to make this DIY deodorizer are baking soda and essential oil. Just mix 2 cups of baking soda with 20-30 drops of essential oil in a jar and pop it into the back of the fridge (and leave the lid off). It’s really that easy!
Of course, there are some other alternatives instead of baking soda. I need purchase several boxes of baking soda and restore these in a relatively drier area routinely. To be honest, I’m fed up with changing box of baking soda once a month. So I’d like to recommend EraClean refrigerator deodorizer which could last for many years, unlike charcoal or bamboo bags, and has no need replace any consumables. If the smell inside the refrigerator is strong, it may indicate a large amount of bacteria existed. EraClean refrigerator deodorizer could produce Ozone and disperse throughout the entire fridge, even keep antibacterial( air circulation. With multiple functions, it can freshen your refrigerator environment and extend food freshness period, for deodorizer, sterilizer and fresh-keeper 3 in 1.
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